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Flying Scholarship Report

Cpl Hall is one of four cadets from 450 Sqn in recent years to be selected for a Flying Scholarship. She tells us her story below...


On Monday the 11th of April I travelled almost 9 hours on the train to Dundee, Scotland, for my flying scholarship. Shortly after arrival we were booked into the hotel and had the opportunity to meet the other cadets during dinner. We were picked up from the hotel at 8:30 every morning and taken to Dundee Airport where Tayside Aviation was situated. We were able to fly after being briefed on the Tuesday. We were taught how to use all of the controls and what to do in emergencies (such as engine failure). Being constantly under observation from the instructors to assess our abilities when flying the aircraft was tough, and all the lessons were hard work.


During the second week, Dundee was absolutely smothered by fog which meant we were grounded for almost six days. This however, did not mean we had time off as there was plenty to do. Cleaning and polishing aircraft wasn’t as exciting as flying them!


The instructors gave all of the cadets’ great responsibility and trusted us to manoeuvre and check the aircraft for any defects daily. Being handed the keys to the aircraft and being told to go and start it up on our own before every flight was a scary feeling at first as it was a big responsibility.


Luckily, on the last day of the course, the fog cleared up and we were given a perfect day for flying. We were all able to go solo and earned our Pilot wings. It was a scary, but rewarding experience!