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The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a nationally recognised programme of activities that participants can gain in three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. The ATC is committed to offering the Award to it's cadets. It's patron is HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.


Cadets need to be aged 13 yrs and 9 months to enrol onto the scheme and the ATC contribute to the Bronze award so this stage is free for all cadets, however the Silver and Gold awards cost a small amount to enrol.


Cadets will benefit in many ways, increasing their knowledge in various activities and skills. It also looks great on any future CV and there is firm evidence that employers look favourably upon candidates who have attained a Duke of Edinburgh Award.


There are 4 sections to complete for each level, with 1 extra for the Gold. The sections are as follows:


Physical, Volunteering, Skills, and Expedition




Many of the above can be completed undertaking normal ATC duties but some require additional effort away from the Squadron. Typical activities for each section include:


Physical: Becoming fitter through sport, dance or fitness activities - Squadron physical achievements count in this area


Volunteering: Helping somebody, your community or the envirnoment


Skills: Developing existing talents or trying something new - Aeronautics, Marksmanship, Squadron Band, Aircraft Recognition or Radio Skills would count in this area


Expedition: Planning, training for and completing an adventurous journey - which would involve map reading, expedition practice and an assessed expedition


Residential (Gold only): Staying and working away from home as part of a team


Most cadets should be able to achieve each level within 12 months except gold which should take between 18 months to 24 months.


The 'D of E' is now run online and once enrolled you will be able to up date and track your progress - also write your experiences to share with others. So no longer will cadets be losing their D of E record books! For more information please visit www.DofE.org


It is the Squadrons intention that every Cadet enrols on the Award as success in the scheme will help in later life as well as provide new skills and disciplines.


Cadets can learn more by CLICKING THIS DOWNLOAD or contacting their D of E officer through the staff page.

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1) Complete the above form on your computer then SAVE IT


2) Email it to [email protected]


3) Print a copy and get your parent / guardian to sign it


4) Hand the signed copy to the CO - if you are registering for Bronze or Silver you need to include a cheque for £22, or for Gold £29, made payable to '450 (Kenley) Sqn ATC'


Once you are registered you will receive the necessary support, guidance and encouragement from the Staff.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Kenley