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Gliding in the ATC

At the age of 16 cadets can apply for a Gliding Scholarship which awards a cadet roughly 40 launches for them to carry out further training on the aircraft and if deemed competent they can endeavour a first solo. Completion of this course entitles a cadet to wear blue wings, silver if first solo is completed.


If the first solo is good then cadets can be recommended to complete an Advanced Glider Training course (AGT). This consists of 5 solo flights and advanced training including crosswind landings and advanced turns.


If cadets still show good potential they could have the opportunity to become Flight Staff Cadets (FSC) at their local VGS where the undertake training to become a gliding instructor.

The Grob Viking Glider

A Grob Viking being launched

Once cadets have reached the age of 13 and 3 months they can take part in gliding at a Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS).


There are 2 types of glider operated by the ATC - they are the Grob Viking (conventional) or Grob Vigilant (motor glider).


Cadets will be given the opportunity to do a 'Gliding Induction Course' (GIC). Each part of the course focuses on using a different control surface of the aircraft which cadets learn and practice.


In addition to flying cadets must help to launch aircraft by attaching cables and holding wing tips. Safety is very important and cadets will have a thorough briefing including a safety video and hanger briefing.

Viking Viking 2