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Join as Adult Staff

The Air Cadets could not function withough its staff team. Many staff are ex cadets, but often people approach the ATC offering their services having had no cadet experience. Whatever your skills or background, most adults have something to offer.


Potential Staff Members must be willing to undergo and pass a 'Criminal Record Bureau' check. This is Government vetting, to confirm suitability to work with young people.


Adults who are new to the organisation would wait until this suitability is confirmed, before applying to become a 'Civilian Instructor'. Civilian Instructors are to many Squadrons the backbone of the staff team, who often specialise in specific areas of cadet training.


Many staff want to offer a little more, and feel that they can do so by going into uniform. For suitable candidates, promotion to Senior Non Commissioned Officer status would follow, or for some, who may wish to one day command a Squadron, Commissioning as an Officer into the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) branch is the route to follow. VR(T) Officers carry equal status as their regular colleagues, but their duties are restricted solely to the Air Training Corps, which they conduct in their spare time.


If you feel you may have something to offer, please contact us.

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