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V  e  n  t  u  r  e     A  d  v  e  n  t  u  r  e

RAF Wings Lotto

For the first time, cadets aged over 16 and all adults in the ACO and their families (in fact anyone over the age of 16) are being invited to join the RAF Association’s exclusive Wings weekly Lotto. Every ticket stands a chance of winning a prize but, even better, a share of the profits will directly benefit cadets, with some of the proceeds cascading back to sqns to spend on local projects. To achieve this, we need to have as many ACO participants as possible, to spread the news with this message:-



“ For just £1 you could win £1000 in our weekly Wings Lotto draw, the official lottery of the RAF Association supporting the Air Cadet Organisation - a great way to support the work of RAFA and the Air Cadets”.



For just £1 per week you will be allocated a unique six-digit Wings Lotto number, which will remain yours for as long as you continue to play. If you like, you can buy more than one number.


Every Friday, the Wings Lotto super computer will randomly select the winners from all the entries that week. The prize cheques will then be posted directly to the winners.


In the rules of Wings Lotto, first and third prizes are guaranteed to be won every week. The second prize, however, is not guaranteed to be won, and if a winning number is not drawn for this prize it will be rolled over to the following week until there is a winner, up to a maximum win value of £10,000.




Even if you don’t win, your pound still goes to help serving and ex-serving RAF personnel who really need it and 10% will go to nominated sqn funds. Everyone wins with Wings Lotto!


Sqns will benefit directly by this agreement so when you buy a ticket ensure to nominate 450 Sqn, then we will then make 10% of every ticket sold for the rest of that tickets life.  For example 10p for every ticket sold will be £5.20 a year for as long as that ticket is being allocated.