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V  e  n  t  u  r  e     A  d  v  e  n  t  u  r  e

450 Sqn come 3rd in Wing Sports Competition 09 / 10 !!


It has been announced that in the 09/10 Wing Sporting Competition, 450 Sqn came 3rd overall in Surrey.


The competition is run each year beginning with the Wing Swimming Gala in September and the main competitions that follow are the Cross Country Competition in November, 5 a Side Football in April and Athletics in May.


Points are also awarded to Squadrons that provide cadets for trials to represent the Wing in Football, Hockey, Rugby and Netball.


Those cadets that do well at Wing may then be asked to represent their Wing and then be awarded the coveted 'Wing Blue' flash that can be sewn onto their sports clothing.


Participation in sports competitions is an essential part of the ATC calendar and at 450 we are very strict about cadets doing their best to be available for such events. Participation is essential, winning is a bonus.


Well done to those that took part in Sports of any kind throughout the year, and with the new competition upon us, let us all strive for success again!


Date of Article: 5 Sep 10