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3 NCOs attend NCO Course

Over the weekend of the 24th September, Corporals Caplin, Hall and Johns attended a Surrey Wing Junior NCO Course at the TA Centre in Kingston.


The weekend was designed to help us to develop as NCOs’, and answer any questions we had about our roles. The weekend was divided into three sections, classroom based presentations, interactive exercises and drill.


The presentations were on subjects that could not be easily made interactive, such as dress regulations, and welfare issues.


Most of the weekend was spent in interactive sessions, designed to demonstrate different forms of leadership, motivation and communication. These included exercises where we were not allowed to speak, and attempting to sort cards into different piles in a set time.


The drill aspect was very helpful in developing methods of taking drill, and how to correctly give drill commands.


Overall the course was an excellent learning experience, and everyone felt as though they had personally improved.


Cpl C Johns


Date of Article: 28 Sep 10