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Region Swimming Gala

On Saturday 25 Sep 2 cadets from 450 Sqn represented Surrey Wing ATC in the Region Swimming Gala. They did themselves proud by both coming away with medals. They both write below:


On Saturday 25th September, Cdt Sandle and I had to arrive at Guilford Spectrum at 1700hrs to meet the rest of the Surrey wing swimmers.


We then were told about what was going to happen for the gala and who would be swimming which races.


I swam in the junior girls freestyle and came 4th.  I then swam in the junior girls medley relay and we came 5th. Lastly I swam in the junior girls freestyle relay and we were very happy to have come 3rd.  


At the start of the evening most of us didn't know each other at all, however by the end of the evening we all got on well with one another.  It was a great atmosphere as everyone supported and cheered on each other and we all had a lot of fun.


Nevertheless, one of the greatest parts of the evening was when Surrey wing was awarded the trophy for coming first in the gala overall!  This was a big achievement and we were all very proud of ourselves as this had made it the 5th year that Surrey wing had won that trophy!  


Everyone had worked very hard that evening and the hard work, determination and teamwork between us all had paid off.


Cdt E Simpson




On Saturday the 25th at 1700hrs we arrived at Guilford Spectrum. We waited at the entrance with the rest of the Surrey wing. We waited for Flt Lt Ratcliffe, the Wing Sports Officer.


Not many people knew each other at the start. We started our races and I swam in the junior boys backstroke and came second. Next I was in the medley relay and I swam backstroke again and we came first!!! My final race was the freestyle relay and I swam 3rd in the team and we came second.


At the end we got our medals – I got a gold and two silvers, Surrey got the junior boys trophy and Surrey wing came first overall. There were six other wings there so coming first was a great achievement.


We left at 2130 hours and at the end we all got on really well and were a great team!


Cdt T Sandle


Date of Articles: 29 September 10