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Gliding Scholarship Success

Cpl Kirsty Hall recently completed her Gliding Scholarship. She tells her story below:



I started my Gliding Scholarship Course at 615 Sqn on Kenley Airfield on the 22nd of October which continued throughout the ten day half term.


The days consisted of getting up at 7:30am, having a delicious cooked breakfast, a morning briefing, and then spending the whole day gliding and helping at the launch point. Lunch was provided and also a lovely hot dinner after a hard day on the airfield.


We started from the basics, gradually taking full control of the glider as we learnt more and more of the syllabus, all with the instructor sitting in the back. I had a total of almost 60 launches throughout the duration of the course. Due to bad weather for almost four of the ten days, I had to return the following weekend to do my solo. I successfully completed my solo at 12:21pm on Sunday 7th of November. It went really well and I even landed on the runway!


The course was a brilliant experience and if you are above or coming up to the age of 16, I strongly suggest you apply for a Gliding Scholarship. You’ll have a fantastic time, make many new friends and earn yourself your Silver Wings.



Cpl Hall