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450 Sqn NCO takes part in the Nijmegen Marches

In July of this year Cpl Thomas Caplin took part in the annual march at Nijmegen in The Netherlands. The marches are the longest marching event in the world and are aimed at promoting sport and exercise. Cpl Caplin writes what follows:


On Friday the 16th of July, Cpl Caplin left England as part of the Surrey Wing Nijmegen team, with the goal to complete the Nijmegen march, this involves walking a route that will total 100 miles/160 kilometres and is to be completed in 4 days.


The march is the biggest of its kind, with over 48,000 people taking part. The event is (in many peoples opinion) one of the best things that you can do whilst in the Air cadets and after fully completing the march I would totaly agree.


In the near future i will be giving a more detailed talk to the squadron about the walk and be asking if any members of the squadron would like to take part next year.


If you have any questions about the Nijmegen march and how you can try out for the team next year, then feel free to apporach me at the squadron.

Cpl Caplin


Date of Article: 5 Sep 10