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450 Sqn NCO receives recognition from Deputy Lieutenant

On Thursday 8 September, 450 Sqn's Cadet Flight Sergeant James Hillam, 19, received a certificate at a ceremony attended by the Deputy Lieutenant and the Mayor of the London Borough of Croydon in recognition of the outstanding example he has set as a cadet and member of the community.


James joined the Squadron when he was 13, and as well as having taken part in a wide range of Squadron and Wing activities, of particular note is that he has undertaken a Flying Scholarship, has been on numerous camps including overseas camps to Germany, Cyprus and the United States and has recently qualified as a Gliding Instructor.


Each area in the United Kingdom has a 'Lord Lieutenant', who is normally a retired senior military officer and whose duties are to represent the Sovreign at events or functions. Each Lord Lieutenant has at least one Deputy Lieutenant and it is this representative who annually chooses a small number of cadets from the Air, Sea and Army Cadets to honour for their achievements.


James may then at times be called upon to assist the Deputy Lieutenant at high profile functions - whether they be opening of buildings, ceremonies or dinners.




Date of Article: 10 Sep 11