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My First Summer Camp... by Cadet's Malby and Ramsay

When I arrived at the coach pickup point I was really nervous because I only knew one person. We loaded our bags onto the coach and set off. During the journey I started to make a few friends, who had been on camps before and told me about them, so I knew what to expect.


When we arrived at the RAF base, it had just gone lunch time. We were told our rooms and were told to unpack everything. Accommodation wasn’t exactly five star but it had everything I needed. After that, we were split into flights. From then on, it was a flight competition.


Food was surprisingly nice in the junior ranks mess. There was a large variety of meals.


In the evening we were given free time, which we spent ironing, polishing and cleaning, ready for the next day. There were three irons to share between about 25 of the boys, one of which tended to burn the shirts quite often. Lights out was at half past ten but we were still in the middle of ironing by then.


We were woken up in the mornings at six o’clock and ready for breakfast at seven and most days consisted of activities for most of the day (i.e. greens) and sports in the evening. The sports included football, hockey, bowling and night exercises.


On the penultimate day, we had drill comp and even Air Commodore Cooper turned up for it! In the evening we had a disco which was fun.


On the last day we had final parade and various prizes were given out, from the cleanest room and smartest uniform prizes to swimming proficiency tests and flight competition prizes.


I had a really good time at my first camp and I wish to go back again some time. From not knowing anyone, to becoming good friends with everyone was really nice and I am still in contact with them all. I would encourage EVERYONE to go on any camp if they get the chance as it is such a good experience. CDT Malby



Date of Article: 11 Sep 11

This year 3 450 Squadron cadets experienced their first summer camp at an RAF Station. Here Cadet's Ramsay and Malby discuss their experiences at RAF Cranwell...

I have been at cadets just under a year and everything that I have done I have thoroughly enjoyed. I was a bit nervous going away on camp because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know anyone apart from Ben Malby. I wanted to go on camp not just to have fun but to learn new skills and become a better cadet.


The first day or two I was just getting used to the routine and getting to know everyone. That helped people when we had a sports night and we did football, which was very fun. I met loads of new friends from all different squadrons. Summer camp is one of the best things that you can do in the cadets, I 100% agree with that.


One of the best things I did on camp was I got the chance to go in a king air with 3 other cadets, only 6 cadets got a place out of approximately 45 cadets, I was very lucky. The flight was amazing.


Another thing that I enjoyed was going into the electronic range at another RAF station. We used the L98 rifles. I was nervous at first because I had never used one before. After a shot or two I loved it, it was so much fun.


We also had a go on a brilliant flight simulator. On my birthday we went to the Battle of Britain memorial place where we went into a hangar with all the major planes in WW2. It was incredible because we were right up close to all the planes, so close that you could touch them. My favorite plane there was the Lancaster - I had never seen one on the ground and so close to me.


We also did fun stuff like bowling, swimming, a disco and laser quest which was really fun. I could go on for ever if I told you everything we did. You would never get bored every single day was jam packed with exciting activities. But on the last day we had a parade outside RAF Cranwell College, where the Commandant Air Commodore Cooper came and inspected us. When she came round to me straight away she remembered me from when she visited 450 a couple of months ago which was pretty special to me.


On the last day they announced the flight competition and our flight won. I had improved mostly on my drill and now I know all the moves. It was one of the best things I have done in my life and I strongly recommend it to anyone even if you go and you don’t know anyone you will make so many new friends.


I was nervous at the start but I didn’t want to go at the end. It’s all thanks to Mr Bromley for getting me a place Thank you.


Cadet Ramsay


Date of Article: 13 Sept 11