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Update from Sgt Wand at Welbeck...

Sgt Wand has recently enrolled at Welbeck 6th Form. This is the story of her first few days.

Tuesday 6th September


After approximately 3.5 hours in the car I finally arrived at Welbeck for my first day! Obviously I was quite anxious but as soon as we pulled up at the main guard house (like on an RAF base, because we are part of the MOD) I remembered how much I’d wanted to go there when I had been to one of the open days about a year ago! After a talk from the Principal in the Sports Hall we were all separated into our separate houses, I am in Nelson House (which is purple!!). We all went to our House Common Room where me and my parents met my tutor. There are loads of rumours that he’s ex SAS, but he won’t tell us because it’s ‘confidential’!! After this I went up to see my room and meet my roommates, we all get on really well. I then got my bags, made my bed, pinned my photos up and went and said ‘Goodbye’ to my parents. I expected it to be quite difficult, but it wasn’t too bad because I knew I was going to see them again in a couple of weeks. I spent the evening ‘meeting and greeting’ ready for 2 days of Induction to Welbeck.



Wednesday 7th September


We got issued our ‘school uniform’, which we know as our G-Kit, which I presume means General Kit. We wear our G-Kit every day apart from Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We also had lots and lots and LOTS of lectures telling us stuff about the College, what we can and can’t etc., which I guess has to be done at some point. On Wednesdays, and Saturdays we do sport in the afternoon, this term I’m playing Hockey, we had our first match 14/09/2011, we drew 0-0.



Thursday 8th September


We got issued our CCF uniform (CS95’s/Greens). We wear our greens on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Military Skills Training (MST). This is where we do Skill at Arms, Fieldcraft, First Aid, Navigation, Rock Climbing, High Ropes, Battle PT (when I say PT, I really do mean PT!!!). We also got our laptops which we ‘borrow’ until we leave the college after two years, but only if we are successful we get to keep them. We use emails to communicate with each other, teachers and people on the outside world.



Friday 9th September


This was our first day of lessons, every week we have 6 lessons of Maths, 5 of Physics and our other two options, mine are Geography and Sport & P.E. We get prep for almost every lesson every day. Prep is the same as homework, we do this between 7-9 in the evening.



Saturday 10th September


On a Saturday we have lessons in the morning, it might seem rubbish but it allows us to get longer holidays. I have 1 week half terms in October, February and June, 3 weeks at Christmas and Easter, and 9 weeks at Summer. On Saturday evening we had a house social, we all got to know each other better. Our Head of Girls said she never thought she’d see a mosh-pit in the Nelson Common Room!



Sunday 11th September


Sunday is our free day, we are allowed to skip breakfast but we have to go to lunch. Then the rest of the day we can do whatever we want; go to Loughborough, Woodhouse, use the college facilities and socialise with people. This Sunday we all 350 of us are going to Alton Towers.



Monday 12th September


On a Monday we do our GA, this means General Activity, mine is Girls Rugby. This means I currently do 6 hours of sport, at least, a week, as well as 1 hour of PT and any extra sport or training I do!



I haven’t even been here for two weeks yet! I’ve done so much, but there’s even more to do! I have a trip to RAF College Cranwell coming up which is where I collect my service specific uniform (the uniform RAF Officers wear).



I’ve already been given so many opportunities, its perfect for me. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there will be tough times, but that’s part of the challenge.



If people are interested, there are a couple of open days, but they have to check out the website and book a visit.



If anyone wants to email me you can get my address from Flt Lt Bromley.