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My First Adventure Training Weekend...

Cdt Callum Wand took part in his first ATC camp, in what was a a recent very cold weekend. His story is below...

Last weekend I attended my first ATC camp with 450 at Broadstone Warren near East Grinstead. I experienced some great things and met some new people.


The first night we got there, there was about three inches of snow on the ground and must have been minus ten degrees outside. Thankfully we had a roaring fire to keep the boys warm unlike the girls who had to stay in a different room with no fire and ice on the windows.


We went out straight away to familiarise ourselves with the facilities but didn't realize how cold it was, fortunately Mr Bromley made a great soup for when we all got back which warmed us up before we all went to bed.  Well I say we all went to bed, the senior staff had to sleep outside in a tent and I'm guessing they probably got about two hours sleep due to the 'polar bear' prowling around outside Mr Bromley's tent!


After a hearty breakfast or runny porridge we made a group decision to go out for the day to Brighton because the weather was too bad for an eight kilometer walk (thankfully). The day was really good taking in the historic sights of Brighton and the pier.


That night we were provided with ration packs which we cooked ourselves. These didn't really go down too well with our stomachs which we found out later that night as we went to bed!


On the Sunday we all went for an eight kilometer walk over the local heathlands gaining great experience for orienteering and good teamwork.


That afternoon we all went to the local town to go swimming and had a great time. In the evening Flight Sergeant Hall and Cadet Warrant Officer Stride taught the entire group knot work and how to apply the knots and also communication to other cadets using walkie-talkies and the phonetic alphabet.


We applied what we had learned the next day communicating to CWO Stride to complete a task where a cadet had 'broken his arm and leg' and we had to apply rope work, medical, radio work and team work to carry him to our rally point and create a helicopter landing space to airlift him to the local hospital.


Strangest moment: how Cdt Linley managed to bring his man servant with him who unpacked his clothes, made his tea, dried his wet clothes and packed up for him when we were ready to leave. Cdt Linley must be very rich or very famous or both!


Thanks to all the staff, NCO's and all of the cadets who participated on the weekend. Special thanks to Mr Ward for organising the weekend's activities and events.