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450 Sqn Cadets go on overseas camp to JHQ Rheindahlen, Germany

Between 18 - 25 July, 3 Cadets and the CO from 450 Sqn attended an overseas camp in Rheindahlen, Germany, the former HQ of RAF Germany. Cdt Strongheart writes below:


When I heard about the camp to JHQ Rheindahlen, I was extremely excited that not only were we going to be taking part in brilliant activities but also that they were to be held in Germany and Holland!


 It was an early start the day that we were travelling to the camp. I thought I was going to be nervous, but straight away everyone was so friendly that all nervousness disappeared and excitement took its place.


Activities started the next day. Throughout the week we experienced racing go-karts, shooting, archery, exploring caves, high ropes, swimming, as well as fun social activities including bowling and a disco. Whilst visiting the City of Cologne, we ate ice-cream (yum) and went shopping.  


We also got to visit amazing historical sites and museums, giving us an insight into the history of World War II and the main events that took place during that era.


It was by far the best camp I have attended during my time in the cadets.


By taking part in this camp with people from 450 Kenley Squadron and other squadrons throughout the region and becoming part of such a great team of people, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and friendships which I’m sure will stay with me for many years to come!


Cadet S. Strongheart


Date of Article: 5 Sep 10