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V  e  n  t  u  r  e     A  d  v  e  n  t  u  r  e

My first gliding experience

On the 5th of May myself and Cadets Fossett E, Fossett Z, Lakin and Wand arrived at the squadron at 8AM to take part in a gliding experience, along with another air cadet squadron from Shirley.


It was raining heavily with heavy wind and the cadets thought wouldn’t be able to go up that day. We started off by watching a short video about the safety steps in case of an emergency and how to use the parachute.


After the video the 2 squadrons waited for hours for the rain to go away. After a while the rain became lighter and was spitting so the instructors sent one aircraft up and shortly afterwards Mr. Alexander entered the room bearing good news that we could go up after all, so we all made our way to the control tower.


From our squadron 4 cadets went up then the rain came again leaving a very unhappy cadet Wand. He thought his day had been ruined but at the last minute the rain had gone again so he was able to go up with an enormous smile on his face.


Throughout the gliding part of the day we all took part in tasks needed to enable the gliders to get up in the air and be retrieved.


I, and the 4 other cadets would highly recommend going gliding if you have not done so yet as it is a thrill of a lifetime very fun to participate in.

by Cdt Stride, who was one of 5 from 450 who took part in their first days gliding at Kenley on 5 May.