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First Class Cadet

To become a First Class Cadet, you must complete training in:
  • RAF
  • History of Flight
  • Drill (Part 2).

You must then attend a weekend course that includes:
  • Flying Operations
  • Map Reading
  • Initial Expedition Training
  • Basic Radio Communications.

The course is assessed by completing a log book.

Leading Cadet

To become a Leading Cadet, you must complete training in:
  • Airmanship Knowledge
  • Basic Navigation
  • Principles of Flight.

This is a weekend course that is assessed by online exams.

Senior Cadet

To become a Senior Cadet, you must complete three of the following training courses:
  • Air Navigation
  • Pilot Navigation
  • Aircraft Handling & Flying Techniques
  • Airframes
  • Piston Engine Propulsion
  • Jet Engine Propulsion
  • Rocketry
  • Military Aircraft Systems
  • Principles of Air Power
  • Radio & Radar
  • Satellite & Data Communications
  • Avionics & Aircraft Electrical Systems.


These are self-study courses that are assessed by online exams.

Master Air Cadet

To become a Master Air Cadet, you must be 15 years old and complete three more of the Senior Cadet training courses.




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